The Panasonic 2023 Model AU18ZKY5F is a sophisticated 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split Inverter Air Conditioner, distinguished by its elegant white design and advanced cooling technology. This model is engineered to deliver exceptional comfort and efficiency, with its inverter technology ensuring minimal energy consumption while maintaining an ideal temperature. The unit is designed for durability and performance, featuring a high-quality copper condenser that provides rapid cooling and long-lasting operation. Perfect for both residential and commercial settings, this AC unit is a testament to Panasonic's commitment to combining aesthetic appeal with functionality, offering a seamless blend of style, performance, and energy efficiency.

Key Specifications:   





Model Number



Inverter AC

Tonnage Class

1.5 Ton

Star Rating

5 Star

The cooling capacity

5100 watt

Net Weight IDU /ODU

12kg / 26kg

Launch year



Physical Dimensions:

  • Indoor Unit (WxHxD): 107cm x 29.6cm x 24.1cm | Net Weight: 12kg
  • Outdoor Unit (WxHxD): 78.0cm x 28.8cm x 54.2cm | Net Weight: 26kg

  • Installation & Warranty:
  • Installation:

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  • Warranty:
  • 1-Year Full Product Warranty: Offers comprehensive coverage for the entire AC against manufacturing defects.
  • 1+4 Year PCB Indoor unit and Outdoor Unit Warranty: Provides coverage for the printed circuit boards (PCBs) in both the indoor and outdoor units for 5 years, safeguarding against electrical or manufacturing issues.
  • 1+4-Year PCB Warranty: Safeguards the PCB for 5 years against electrical or manufacturing issues.
  • 1+9-Year Compressor Warranty: Provides extensive protection for the compressor, ensuring long-term reliability.
    Note: Warranty claims must be handled by authorized service centers. Damage resulting from misuse or improper use is not covered.

Comprehensive Insights into Product AU18ZKY5F:

  1. High Energy Efficiency: Boasts a 5-star rating, reflecting its high efficiency in energy use. This can lead to significant savings on your electricity bills, making it an economical choice for regular use.
  2. 7-in-1 Convertible Cooling: Offers versatile cooling options with its 7-in-1 convertible feature. This means you can adjust the cooling capacity to match your specific needs, optimizing comfort and saving energy.
  3. Advanced Connectivity Features: Equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, the AC can be controlled remotely via the MirAie app. This enables easy adjustments to settings from anywhere. Furthermore, it supports voice commands through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, adding to your convenience.
  4. Improved Air Quality: Comes with a PM 0.1 filter to purify the air by removing contaminants. This feature ensures that the air in your room stays clean and healthy, which is particularly beneficial for people with allergies or respiratory issues.
  5. Durable and Efficient Design: Features a copper condenser, which is known for its longevity and better heat exchange properties. This ensures efficient cooling while reducing maintenance needs and costs over time.
  6. Comfortable Environment Management: The unit has humidity control capabilities, making it an ideal choice in varying climatic conditions, including during the rainy season when humidity levels are high.
  7. Easy Installation and Support: Panasonic ensures that installation is straightforward, providing clear guidelines and professional support, which helps in setting up the AC efficiently and effectively.
  8. Comprehensive Warranty: Offers peace of mind with a 1-year comprehensive warranty and a 10-year warranty on the compressor. This extensive warranty coverage reflects the manufacturer's confidence in the product's reliability and performance.
  9. Eco-Friendly: Uses R32 refrigerant, which has a lower environmental impact compared to older refrigerants, making it a more eco-friendly choice.
  10. Stabilizer Free Operation: Capable of operating at a wide voltage range, this AC ensures stable performance without the need for an external stabilizer, which can further reduce your initial setup costs.
  11. Smart Diagnosis: The MirAie platform also offers a smart diagnosis feature, enabling quick identification of issues and facilitating faster service response.
  12. Customizable User Profiles: Through the MirAie app, you can create individual user profiles, which allows for personalized comfort settings, ensuring that each family member can enjoy their preferred environment.

Why Choose Panasonic AU18ZKY5F?

Choosing the Panasonic AU18ZKY5F offers a blend of energy efficiency, technological innovation, and comfort. This air conditioner stands out with its 5-star energy rating, ensuring lower electricity bills without compromising on performance. The 7-in-1 convertible mode allows users to adjust cooling intensity based on their needs, making it versatile for different room sizes and conditions. The integration of smart features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, support for the MirAie app, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, provides unparalleled convenience, allowing for easy control and monitoring from anywhere. The inclusion of a PM 0.1 filter promotes a healthier living environment by purifying air quality. Its copper condenser enhances durability and ensures efficient cooling, while the model's design caters to effective humidity control, essential for comfort in various climates. Supported by a comprehensive warranty, this AC model offers reliability and peace of mind, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a modern, efficient, and user-friendly cooling solution​​​​.

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