Elevate Your Cooling Experience with O General:

Introducing the O General ASGA12BMWB, a testament to superior cooling and design. This split air conditioner, with its 1.1-ton capacity, is expertly engineered for small to medium spaces, offering an oasis of comfort. Its 2022 BEE rating not only attests to its remarkable energy efficiency but also its commitment to eco-friendly operation. Dressed in a luxurious white, it seamlessly integrates into both modern and classic decors, enhancing the aesthetic of any room.

Key Specifications:







Star rating:





Split Air Conditioner, ideal for blending seamlessly into any setting.

Cooling Capacity:

1.1 Ton - Optimally cools small to medium-sized rooms.

Energy Efficiency:

Awarded a 2022 BEE Rating for its eco-friendly and energy-efficient operation.

Compressor Coil:

State-of-the-art inverter technology that optimizes cooling and energy consumption.


Luxurious White - Its sleek design effortlessly complements both modern and traditional interior styles.

Physical Dimensions:

  • Indoor Unit (WxHxD): 300x970x224mm | Net Weight: 13.5kg
  • Outdoor Unit (WxHxD): 596x848x320mm | Net Weight: 32.5kg

Installation & Warranty:

  • Installation:

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  • Warranty:

  • Full Product Warranty (1 Year): Under this warranty, the entire product is covered for any manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the date of purchase. This means that if any part of the AC stops working or functions improperly due to a manufacturing fault, it can be repaired or replaced by Hitachi, free of charge.
  • Comprehensive Warranty (1+4 Years): In addition to the full product warranty, the compressor of the AC, which is a critical component for its operation, is covered under warranty for a total of five years. This extended warranty covers any functional failures or manufacturing defects of the compressor.

Experience O General Excellence with the ASGA12BMWB Air Conditioner:

  • Precision Cooling: Experience tailored comfort with precision cooling technology, ensuring even temperature distribution throughout your space. Perfectly maintain your desired climate with unparalleled accuracy.
  • Energy Efficiency: Embrace a greener lifestyle with the ASGA12BMWB, boasting a 2022 BEE rating that guarantees energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint. This model combines exceptional cooling with cost-effectiveness, making it an environmentally and economically smart choice.
  • Silent Operation: Enjoy the silence with the whisper-quiet operation of the O General ASGA12BMWB. Its design focuses on minimizing noise, thereby enhancing your peace and concentration. Whether you're working from home or relaxing, this air conditioner ensures your environment remains undisturbed.
  • Eco-Friendly Technology: Committed to the planet's well-being, the ASGA12BMWB uses environmentally safe refrigerants. This commitment reflects O General's dedication to eco-friendly innovation, offering a cooling solution that's kind to the environment.
  • Sophisticated Design: Elevate the aesthetics of your living space with the contemporary design of the ASGA12BMWB. Its pristine white casing adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, seamlessly blending with any interior décor.

Why the OGeneral ASGG18CKTA?

Choosing the O General ASGA12BMWB air conditioner means embracing an unmatched blend of sophistication, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. This model stands out for its precision cooling technology, ensuring your living space is maintained at the perfect temperature with even distribution. With its 2022 BEE energy efficiency rating, it promises significant savings on energy bills while minimizing your carbon footprint. Its whisper-quiet operation guarantees peace and tranquility, enhancing your concentration and relaxation. The use of eco-friendly refrigerants underscores a strong commitment to planetary health. Furthermore, its sleek, contemporary design, characterized by a pristine white casing, not only complements but elevates the aesthetics of your home or office. Opting for the ASGA12BMWB is not just a choice for superior climate control; it's a decision to invest in a lifestyle of comfort, sustainability, and elegance.

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